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Our model program “I Believe in Me” has four primary components that provide intervention strategies, support, and supportive services to empower individuals and aspire economic self-sufficiency.  These components are the nucleus to address and overcome barriers that prevent employment or the inability to retain or maintain employment: (1) S.E.L.F.I.E. program, (2) job readiness and preparedness services, (3) employability skills training, and (4) life skills enrichment training.  We set ourselves apart from other workforce development programs by providing individual and one-on-one pre- and post-employment-related supportive services beyond the typical workforce development approach.  Our program and services promote self-growth, include vocational training, soft skills training, job readiness and preparedness activities, and other needed services.  Our outreach activities are targeted to assist individuals with little or no advanced education, the homeless, low-income, unemployed, underemployed, dislocated workers, and ex-offenders in the community with personalized essay writing service, which is the difference maker in building trust and self-esteem.

“I Believe in Me”

S.E.L.F.I.E. Program

Our S.E.L.F.I.E. program stands for Successfully Embracing Life Fearlessly In Empowerment and focuses on positively rehabilitating the mind by building self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-introspection, self-respect, and self-advocacy skills.

Job Readiness and Preparedness Services

Another pathway we assist individuals is through providing pre- and post-employment preparedness training.  Our program and training services include pre-employment testing and assessment, job search assistance, job searching strategies, “how to” role-playing sessions that integrates the best strategies for successful interviewing, dressing for success, strategies for answering behavioral-related interview questions, assistance with completing online and written employment applications, resume and cover letter writing, and post-interview etiquette, and much more.  Our pre- and post-employment supportive services ensure a greater future for individuals and provides individualized coaching and supportive services that include monitoring and “check-in” services for a minimum of six months and up to two years.  We aim to provide overall wrap-around supportive services to address barriers for maintaining good work ethic, which often results in employment loss.

Essential Skills Training

Our workforce development enrichment program encompasses developing and enhancing essential soft skills and critical thinking abilities.  Our training incorporates emotional intelligence, problem-solving and conflict resolution, oral presentation skills, time management skills, business etiquette, communication skills, learning strategies to adapt to workforce environmental changes, how to increase leadership skills, and how to effectively work in a team.  Our program places heavy emphasis on the importance of developing and enhancing employability and soft skills, which employers seek in potential candidates.

Life Skills Enrichment Training

Our life skills enrichment training program focuses on developing individuals and specifically addresses social and interpersonal skills, character development, and the importance of effective verbal and non-verbal communication.  In addition, this training addresses the best strategies to increase coping skills, conflict resolution, and other core life skills training that are needed to survive, e.g., managing the home, the workplace, and personal and professional relationships.

Leading the Pack! G.E.D. Preparation and Training Program

Our unique G.E.D preparation and training program (Leading the Pack!) helps participants expand their academic background knowledge through reading, critical thinking, and making connections within and across disciplines; models reading strategies appropriate to different types of texts and that provide opportunities for enhance guided understanding; and teaches “study skills” so that participants can retain the information learned.  Our program operates for 20-weeks and provides over 100 hours of academic instruction.