Inspiring G-Style, Inc.


Multiple barriers and systemic challenges prevent the low-income, homeless, ex-offenders, unemployed, and individuals lacking a high school diploma or G.E.D. from obtaining and retaining sustainable employment.  The national (2018) unemployment rate is 3.9%; however, according to the local unemployment statistic data (July 2018), the state of Maryland has an unemployment rate of 4.3%.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (August 2018), the unemployment rate for the Washington, DC area is 5.6% in comparison to the State of Virginia’s unemployment rate of 3.1%.  Something more is needed to bring the unemployment rate to zero and we are rising to the challenge!  We assist low-income, unemployed, at-risk, and disadvantaged individuals in the community by teaching the importance of self-empowerment, the importance of outstanding employability skills and how these credentials can secure better paying jobs and laying the foundation that leads to upward mobility and economic self-sufficiency.  Our training programs are designed to enhance self-confidence and set individuals on a positive path forward while driving home the importance of developing critical thinking skills that are required to be successful in today’s work force.

Inspiring G-Style, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that provides workforce development, employability training services and life skills training, with integrative supportive pre- and post-employment job placement services.  Our programs and services integrate solutions to address barriers that impede employment retention, such as the lack of emotional supportive pre- and post-placement supportive services, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, a lack of social interaction skills, and the inability to form positive relationships.  We use a hybrid approach to our workforce development training that embraces several components of the WorkAdvance Model (2016) and the lessons learned from the National Fund for Workforce Solutions brief (2013).

Our Mission

To positively rehabilitate the mindset of economically disadvantaged individuals and increase positive disruption to economic reform.

Our Vision

To create community economic stability by strengthening self-sufficiency and bridging gaps to increase opportunities for equity.